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Stop Delaying, Start Doing!

A procrastinators’ guide to freedom & efficiency
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What is procrastination
How to identify its real reasons
How to structure the work process efficiently
Methods to control the mindset
Planning tools to fight postponement
Ways to work to avoid delays
How to face the consequences of delays

This course is designed to help anyone that has ever postponed doing something. You’re included! You needn’t be a chronic procrastinator to benefit from this course. It will help you become more efficient, gain time and capitalize on proven methods to get things done.

I know how busy everyone is, so I synthesized the information clearly, delivering it in a timely fashion without unnecessary padding. So you’ll get everything you need in just 1 hour of training.

What can you expect from this course?

  • 15 dedicated lessons

  • 11 proven techniques to fight procrastination

  • 8 downloadable resources

  • 7 exercises to help you apply the techniques

  • 1 hour of continuous sparks to stop postponement for good

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Kevin MacLeod
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Stop Delaying, Start Doing!
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