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Stop Binge Eating in Just 10 Weeks, Be Healthier & Happier

Stop Binge Eating: heal your tortuous relationship with food, settle at your perfect weight and transform your life.
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Erase deep rooted negative patterns
Stop Binge Eating
Understand and reduce your cravings
Achieve and maintain your ideal weight
Improve your health and happiness
Create a healthy relationship with food
Improve your mood and energy
Feel great in your body
Regain self-worth and confidence
Have sparkling eyes, more beautiful skin and hair
Improve your personal relationships
Discover the confidence to create the life you want
Create a more fulfilling life for yourself
Be in-tune with your body and subtle sensations

Join over 1,800 people who are reclaiming freedom around food and creating a healthier and happier life for themselves!

"I am free of my obsession with food, I feel light and good in my body and I now love myself fully and unconditionally. This changes EVERYTHING!" - Zoe

"Amazing course to get back to happy life! Results are unbelievable!" - Aline


Over 1,800 students - Course updated on Feb 24 - Over 400 students in the first 2 months - 30 day money back guarantee. Extra lectures coming soon and price increasing to $699 on March 31st.


The How To Stop Binge Eating & Transform Your Life course is the perfect solution for anyone having a tortuous relationship with food - from chronic dieting or binge eating to food addiction, emotional eating or full-blown bulimia. This course will give you all you need to clearly understand what's happening to you physically and emotionally and how to stop your destructive eating patterns for good.


  • Understand how your BODY & BRAIN work
  • Use this knowledge to STOP binge eating QUICKLY & EASILY
  • Achieve & maintain your IDEAL WEIGHT
  • Create an amazing body image & regain self-worth & confidence
  • Use powerful techniques to truly transform your life for the better!

The content covered in this course is very specific, condensed and powerful and is equal to approx. 4 to 6 months of 1:1 coaching (value: US$ 2,000 to 3,500).

Having recovered from more than 15 years of struggling with my own bulimia battle - this course has been especially designed and structured to help you to regain freedom over food with ease and grace.

This course is a powerful step-by-step process that has helped countless people recover from food issues worldwide.

Here is what people are saying about the course:

“I am excited about the future and I know that RECOVERY IS 100% POSSIBLE for me.”

- Jennifer

“My life has completely changed in an extremely positive way: my eating disorder has gone and I AM NOW HAPPY!”

- Alicia

"Amazing. This course is an absolute master piece. As the Gabrielle Bernstein of Nutritional Coaching Pauline creates not just miracles, but lasting changes forever. This program is full of powerful insights and scientifically supported tips (which I love as a scientist by trade) to finally make peace with food.

It is evident that Pauline has walked the path of self love, self respect and commitment herself in order to transform and elevate the relationship to her own body, mind and soul for good.

The course is very intelligently organized. It walks you step by step, inch by inch through profound wisdom and well known healing applications, to finally be able to step away from this awkward emotional roller-coaster when it comes to body love, food and joyful eating."

- Alexa

Join over 1,000 people who are reclaiming freedom around food and creating a healthier and happier life for themselves!

Stop Binge Eating in Just 10 Weeks, Be Healthier & Happier
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