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How to Control and Stop Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

Strategies that you’d learn in therapy without the time and cost of therapy.
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After taking the course, students will be able to identify an anxiety attack versus a panic attack.
Understand what causes an attack and why your body is reacting the way that it is during an attack.
Learn techniques to quickly prevent and stop an attack.

If you struggle with severe symptoms of Anxiety, but can't seek professional help due to time, money or other factors,  this course is for you. This course is NOT therapy. However, you will learn techniques that will help you effectively and quickly control symptoms of anxiety in order to improve your health and your life.

Do you ever think ?...

  • I think something's wrong with me?! I feel nervous all the time.

  • I get scared meeting new people.

  • I hate being around a lot of people.

  • I'm scared of throwing up because I get so nervous.

  • People think I'm being dramatic but I get worked up so badly and I can't control it.

  • I'm always getting sick because I'm constantly feeling stressed.

  • My mind is constantly racing.

  • I'm always worrying about something.

In this course you will learn

  • What is Anxiety, in order to identify normal nervousness from anxiety.

  • What's going on inside your body that is causing symptoms of anxiety. Therefore not feeling like you're having a breakdown and can't control it.

  • The differences between an Anxiety and a Panic Attack. In order to stop and control them.

  • You'll learn the techniques to prevent or stop an attack, FAST.

How to Control and Stop Anxiety and Panic Attacks.
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