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Stock Trading for Success

Getting you up and running with Stock Trading
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Basics of the Stock Market
How to read a chart
Technical Analysis to help them understand charts

In the words of Warren Buffett - The most important quality for an investor is temperament, not intellect.

So here is the temperament guide for the common investor. Whether you are a student with a couple of hundred to learn the tricks of the trade. A dad willing to take a chance on that trade that’s always intrigued you as it runs past during the news segment. A single mum hoping to find a way to turn savings into capital gain. Or if your just curious about how you can join the trade game to get some fame?

Well there are only two rules. The success of this course’s main principles are -

Rule Number 1 - Don’t lose money.

Rule Number 2 - Don’t forget about rule number 1.

So make the right investment! In this 2 hour course I summarise how you can make money on the US stock market.

Why should you trust what I say?

Well, I practice what I trade - and I have made the losses so you can be the winner!

With over 1825 days of surfing the high waves and almost drowning in the low tides on the share market and establishing my own Stock Trading platforms - I have pledged my life to the rise and fall of the stocks.

With that in mind, I created a course that any beginner could understand because just like you - I was once an ordinary guy who wanted my own share of the pudding!

So here are the basics of my smart starter:

- Fundamentals of the Australian and US markets

- Data, data, data : Why it is important

- Different Order Types

- Basic Fundamentals

- Technical Analysis - understanding what, where and how you identify stocks about to break out and get into them.

- Stock Trading platforms - a quick analysis

Stock Trading for Success
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