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Stock Trading:Simple Technical Analysis & Guaranteed Profits

Learn to trade simple stock set ups using technical analysis: 5 core strategies explained to drive consistent profits
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Understand and learn how to read stock charts
Understand the different types of trading approaches in the markets
Learn the basics of technical analysis
Learn 20% of essential concepts to get 80% functional to drive consistent profits
Learn essential technical indicators such as volume, RSI, Bollinger Bands and Moving averages to implement the strategies taught in this course
Identifying support/resistance levels on stock charts
Learn how to use various resources to scan for stocks exhibiting a specific pattern
Build a trading strategy around support and resistance levels
How to trade the T-line
Moving average convergence strategy - 10-20-50 Strategy
Price action scalping strategy
Simple candlestick trading patterns - the doji, hammer, hanging man, shooting star, inverted hammer and bullish engulfing signals
Learn how to screen for stocks exhibiting the candlestick patterns and show how to enter and exit a trade

Learn the simple yet effective ways to make money consistently in the markets. Make no mistake, we show you how to do that in this course.

20/80 Rule: We teach only the 20% of concepts that are essential and will make you 80% functional to start making money in the markets.

If you are a beginner, you can get started with understanding how to read stock charts along with an introduction to a few indicators that will help you along this journey. If you are an intermediate or an advanced trader, you can jump right ahead to the trading strategies discussed in the strategies section and there are strategies for the intraday trader, the scalper, the swing trader, the position trader and the candlestick analyst.

You will learn how to read stock charts, along with some basics of technical analysis to get started.

You will also learn about how to use the various free resources available on the web to pull stock charts, run stock filters and scans that meet a specific criteria and/or set ups or patterns.

You will learn how to trade the set ups using the 5 core strategies covered in this course, you will learn when to buy and when to sell by following a mechanical approach so you can leave the emotions out of trading.

Most importantly, you will learn how to make profits consistently in the markets using these strategies. Our goal is after-all not to hit a home run but to steadily grow your portfolio. You can thank me not after completing the course but after you start seeing consistent profits in your trading when implementing these strategies. Hope you enjoy the course and I will see you here.

Lastly, Legal Disclaimer: The Authors, or any Party Related to this Course or the Contents, Will not be Responsible for Any kind of Loss to anyone in anyway, due to this course.

Stock Trading:Simple Technical Analysis & Guaranteed Profits
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