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Stock Trading for Beginners

a Comprehensive stock trading course for beginners who are interested in the Stock Market, Technical Analysis & manymore
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How the stock market works
The difference between stocks, forex, futures
How stock charts work
What shares are
How the news and the media influences the stock market
Learn the basics of technical analysis
Learn how psychology influences you and the market
How much you need to start trading
When you should not be trading
Learn the basics of how your mindset impacts your trading
Learn how fear causes you to lose money
And a lot more...

This course is uniquely designed with beginners in mind who are interested in the stock market. This Stock Trading course will take you as a beginner and explain the most complicated concepts in trading by simplify them so that you as a beginner will have no problem following along. Giving you the boost you need to become a successful trader. This is a broad yet comprehensive course on the stock market that will engage you from the word go. This course is regularly updated to ensure that the information within is up to date with what is happening in the stock market.

Below you will find some of the subjects addressed in this course about stock trading for beginners:

  1. What the market is

  2. What shares are

  3. Differences between the stock market, the forex market and the futures market

  4. Candlestick analysis

  5. Moving averages

  6. Support and resistance lines

  7. Volatility

  8. Trends

  9. Psychology

  10. Money management

    and many more...

During this course you will gain a solid foundation as a beginner, because of the fact that this course covers not only the technical aspect you will need to be a successful stock trader but also the psychological and money management aspects that make up a successful stock trader.

Who is this course of Stock Trading for Beginners for?

  • Beginners who want to get a quick overview of all the aspects of trading in the stock market.

  • People who want to learn the basics of technical analysis.

  • People who don't know how to  get started with stock trading.

  • If you are an advanced trader this course of trading in the stock market is probably not for you.

Stock Trading for Beginners
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