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StockSutra: Stock Trading Course Simple Easy Best by Ex-IAS

Safe Stock Market Trading Beginner Course 2021 Fast Stock Trading Mega profits Stock Market Trading Forex Futures Day
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Stock market trading - How to trade stocks correctly for massive profits.
Forex trading - How to trade forex correctly for massive profits.
Futures trading - How to trade futures correctly for massive profits
Commodity trading - How to trade commodities for massive profits
Short term trading/ Day or Intraday trading - How to trade intra day correctly for massive profits
Long term/ positional trading - How to trade positional trades correctly for massive profits
When to trade & when not to trade
How to select the best performing stock/s
When to buy
Till when to hold
When to sell
How much risk to take
What are the advantages & dangers in stock trading
What is trading system
What is risk management
How to read stock direction
How to use charts

Best Stock Market Trading Beginners Course 2021 & after including Forex trading, Commodity trading, Futures trading, Day/Intraday tading - Simple words, 10 Easy steps, Safe (minimum trading losses), Big profits (maximum trading profits) by Ex-IAS/ Allied Govt. of India & Master Trader (15 Yrs) II StockSutra.



1. You will learn to become a professional stock trader.

2. You will be able to trade all futures markets - stocks, forex, commodity with ease and precision.

3. You will learn long-term trading (positional) & short-term trading (day/ intraday).

4. If you are struggling to find answers to any of the following questions given below, then this course is meant just for you -

* How to trade stocks, forex, futures, commodities, day/ intraday?

* How to properly trade stocks, forex, futures, commodities, day/ intraday?

* Which is the best way to trade stocks, forex, futures, commodities, day/ intraday?

* How to master stock trading, forex trading, futures trading, commodity trading, day/ intraday trading?

* How to massively benefit from stock market trading, forex market trading, futures market trading, commodity market trading, day/ intraday trading?

* How to mint wealth trading stocks, forex, futures, commodity, day/ intraday trading?

* How to milk stock market, forex market, futures market, commodity market

* How to be a professional stock trader?

* How to lead a happy life working just a few hours a day and devoting the rest of the time to engage in activities that will make your life wonderful


* Ramesh Venkata: 5/ 5 stars. I purchased various courses in Udemy. Most of them just give a glimpse of trading and suggest personal courses to buy. First time I'm truly impressed to see once own trading method and stratergy being revealed in an easy and simple to understand manner. Its like a road map to develop the skill of trading. Thank you sir for the nice course and helping me in getting right direction towards trading.

* Tallie Hampton: 5 stars. Mr. Pramod course is a rule based simple A B C system a road map to becoming a professional trader all is explained in a simply and repeatable manor thank you sir for your labor of love peace and blessing Very engaging course.

* Chinmay: 5 stars. Simple but Effective

* Aditya Bakshi: 5 stars. Enjoyed the course. Learnt a lot ! The instructor is a little slow in his delivery of concepts but its overall well structured.

* Sujay Kr Ghosh : 5 stars. Good course for beginners

* Narendra Gilhare: 5 stars. Very Good.

* Akshay Junghare: 5 stars.

* Akshay Khanna: 5 stars.

* Aravindh: 5 stars.

* Indrakanti Narayan Rao: 5 stars.

* Jaykrishna Gopu: 5 stars.

* Laxmi: 5 stars.

* Sridhar Y: 5 stars.

* Srinivas Murthy Siddegowda: 5 stars.

* Vijay Kumar Thevad: 5 stars.

* Vijay Pasham: 5 stars.

* Vipul Sawant: 5 stars.

* Yogesh Pandit: 5 stars.

* Anand Nene: 4.5 stars. The course teaches you from the basics of the stock market and also the instructor shares his experience and his trading strategy. Overall, i would definitely recommend this course for someone who is new to the stock market.


1. Teaches the simplest, easiest, safest & fastest way of making money trading the financial markets.

2. It is a complete course not a collection of promotional videos.

3. You will never be asked to pay more than what you pay here.

4. Having attended this course, you don't need to attend any other course.

5. Simple, non-technical words.

6. Engaging (pictures, simple examples)

7. 10 simple steps.

8. I share my own personal trading strategy that you are welcome to copy.

9. Valid for all countries.

10. Name of the course - StockSutra

11. 3.5 hours

12. 100 short videos


The 10 steps/sutras are:

Sutra1: Advantages & dangers in stock trading.

Sutra2: What is stock trading.

Sutra3: Traits & tools needed to be a successful stock trader.

Sutra4: How to read stock direction through charts.

Sutra5: Risk Management

Sutra6: Trading system

Sutra7: How to trade stocks.

Sutra8: How to trade forex/ currency

Sutra9: How to trade commodity

Sutra10: Dancing with stocks (Conclusion).

At the end of each sutra, there is a fun quiz project to self-test your knowledge on that sutra.

Additionally, the course will teach you few golden rules to help you in your active trading carrier when faced with doubt/ confusion.

You will learn a few important golden rules to guide you through real trading when feeling doubtful, confused & in great fear.


1. Name - Pramod Kumar Agrawal

2. Country - India

3. Stock market experience - 15 years (brokerage, equity research, trading, fund management, teaching)

4. Other industry experience - 25 yrs. (Merchant Navy, Govt. of India, Media - Entertainment, Spirituality)

5. Age 62 as of 1/3/2021.

6. Hobbies - Singing, films, philosophy, art, history, current affairs.


I Sarve bhavantu sukinah I

Best wishes

Pramod Agrawal

December 2019, Goa, India

StockSutra: Stock Trading Course Simple Easy Best by Ex-IAS
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