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Photography - These Companies Want to Buy Your Photos!

You can make a living through your love of photography - Improved sales and Better photography for beginners and pros
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Earn an income with your love of photography
Save time and money by shooting the right photos the first time
Avoid common amateur errors
Learn How a Camera Works
Learn the effects of Shutter Speed, Aperture, and Film Speed on your Photos
These companies would LOVE to buy your photos!
Become an expert at submitting your photos to all the best stock agencies

>>Nearly 3,500 enrolled in this 5-STAR course - Updated 12/16<<

My students credit this course with helping them sell their first photographs!

Do you love to shoot photos, and you're just looking for a breakthrough tip or trick - some guidelines - so you can make PASSIVE income selling your photos online - month after month?

I find taking great photos to be an enormous joy; getting paid for those photos by a stock photo agency makes that joy last and last! Get paid for YOUR photos! It's easier than you think!

Frankly, there's more opportunity than ever before. But you need to follow a couple of simple rules - and avoid some common mistakes.


Recent Five-Star Reviews!:

"Amazing Course!

I've just completed the course, it is well explained and worth the investment. This course really provides whatever it says and I always love courses from Robert. He is a great instructor."

"Stock Photo Ninja!

Mr. Scot's course is direct and perfectly informative, taught with passion and a knack for getting to the crux of the subject matter. As a life-long point-and-shoot photographer, Mr. Scot has changed the way I shoot my pictures, and has opened my eyes to the money that can be made by turning my love for shooting into passive income. THANK YOU!" _________________________________________________________________________

I take you from the inside of the camera to the inside of the stock photo agency business.

After a section on the ingenious mechanics of the camera, this course concentrates on how to sell those high-quality photos you've taken.

In this course, I teach you how to turn your love of photography into long-term, passive income.

Today is the day to start; there's NEVER been a more profitable or more accessible time to sell your photos to stock photography agencies.

When I started shooting stock photography with my Canon AE1, back in the 1980s, getting your photos sold through stock photo agencies required an extraordinary and expensive effort - from shooting to developing the photos to finding the agencies to getting approved.

The process has become much simpler these days - but the competition is fierce.

By sticking to the basics - and establishing a work-flow that ensures that you're creating the highest quality images in the appropriate format - you can quickly move to the head of the line - and start selling your photos right away.


I shoot with a Nikon D800 - a truly remarkable photographic tool - but these days, there are high-quality smart phones that have what it takes to capture world-class images.

It's NOT about the camera! The key to making money in the stock photo business is your creativity, and attention to detail.

This course is designed to save you money and time - by discussing specifically what the top stock photo agencies expect - AND what they reject

I discuss which categories are hot, and which are not.

And, I list not only my favorite stock photo agencies to work with (and who are willing to work with YOU), but I've included a downloadable, clickable .pdf list of links to more than two dozen agencies to whom YOU should be submitting.

Now, let me be clear, this is NO get-rich-quick scheme. You'll need to commit yourself to a substantial amount of effort and detailed diligence. But, follow my plan step by step, and you will have your photos uploaded and optimized, and selling in no time.

Photography - These Companies Want to Buy Your Photos!
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