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DAX Future Trading: Trade with Tapereading and Tick Charts

Learn to Day Trade the DAX and How to Analyze: Tape, Spread, Orderbook, Tick Charts, Indicators, Options, Kassa Market +
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The mechanisms of futures pricing and how exchanges work
How to identify market participants by reading the tape
How to read spread, orderbook and price impulses
How to choose datafeed, account size and platform for DAX trading
Building a trading plan and a mindset to win the day
Using the tickchart and spotting trends with the help of tick charts
The influence of kassa market and options on DAX futures pricing
How to interpret indicators, sentiment and levels during the session

Learn to Day Trade FDAX/FDXM/Ger30-CFD!

This course is a full dive into the micro perspective of the futures market and will cover everything you’ll need to know to master trading in the German Stock Market Index - the DAX. Build your own edge from reading market internals and other DAX-specific indicators.

You’ll be learning from a trader with 7 years of experience in futures day trading.

Forget all the usual technical analysis stuff. I will teach you how to read spread, tape, orderbook, options and kassa market – all what is going into the tick-to-tick, ongoing price discovery in the DAX Future.

Your focus will be on building a so-called 'edge' (a competitive advantage) through knowledge and careful observation of big market participants.

If you don’t have any previous day trading experience, it’s OK. You’ll need some side research on special “trading words” - but that’s all it is.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about futures and might be frustrated with their current results – this course is exactly made for you!

What You'll Learn:

  • Which data feed/broker/platform?

  • How does the EUREX work? What are the mechanics of order matching?

  • What goes into Price Discovery in the Eurex Futures Market?

  • How to interpret the Tape Prints in DAX

  • What the Order Book can tell you

  • How to read Spread Distance and Spread Orders

  • How to interpret Impulses in price

  • Why Tick Charts show more than Candlesticks

  • How to define Trends within a Tick Chart

  • Tick Chart Patterns as Trading Setups

  • How to use Options and Kassa Market to your Advantage

  • How to Win the Trading Day (Mindset & Plan)

  • & Much More! (Practice Exercises, PDF’s, Example Live Recordings with Comment)

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning how to day trade the DAX

  • Struggling traders with a strong desire to understand the futures market on a deep level in order to profit from it.

  • Professional discretionary traders who want to improve their tape reading skills and understanding of other market internals like spread and order book, as well as their understanding of options and kassa market and its influence on futures pricing.

DAX Future Trading: Trade with Tapereading and Tick Charts
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