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Stock, Bond and Mutual Fund Investing

A quick guide to investing, with a focus on impact/responsible/ethical/social investing.
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Answer all of the questions below:
What is Investing?
What is Ethical/SRI/ESG/CSR Investing?
Why Invest?
Risk and Reward
What Is a Stock?
What Is a Bond?
What Is a Mutual Fund?
What is a return?
What is screening? exclusion? shareholder activism? positive investing?

We quickly and completely cover the basics of investing in only about 40 minutes. If you want honest, objective information about investing, this is your course. It's also geared to people who want to start investing now! We define what stocks, bonds and mutual funds are. In addition, we cover risk and return, two key investing concepts. We cover ethical/social/environmental investing, providing expert-level instruction on these topics. We show returns generated by various types of investments from 1801 to 2011. We show you how to use various techniques to invest in stocks and bonds at low or no cost. Finally, we describe some of the best mutual funds in the marketplace. Our lecture provides the rationale for both investing and for social investing.

Stock, Bond and Mutual Fund Investing
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