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Selling Into Retail - a proven process for success

How to productively & successfully sell products into retail & help your retail customers sell your products out.
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Students will learn, and be able to apply, a disciplined structure for their retail sales calls. You will also become more productive with your time, see and harness more sales opportunities to sell into and out of retail, through clearer communication with your retailer customers. Most importantly, it will give you confidence in your job and a calmer sales day!

Very few retail sales professionals receive structured sales training to help them sell into retail. They're often trained in general sales techniques: how to overcome objections and how to close. But very few are trained in the disciplined, productive and logical steps necessary to maximise sales of their products into and out of retail. 

This course carefully and simply takes both new and seasoned sales professionals through these proven steps for successful sales to retailers. Three areas are covered: the steps to a classic sales and buying call - a call where you are talking to a retail buyer; the steps to a corporate retail store call - a call where the store is not in a position to buy directly from you but where you can influence the retailer to sell-through more of your products; the final area covered is a call that gives you structure around how to overcome the 5 key objections retailers raise when buying products from you. Following these steps will give the tools to confidently and calmly improve your retail sales and boost your relationships with the retailers you deal with. It will also give you a structure and tools to help you build your reputation as a trusted advisor and shopper marketing expert in the eyes of your retail customers.

Selling Into Retail - a proven process for success
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