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Stepping up to TypeScript: Fundamentals

Upgrade and accelerate your coding skills by learning TypeScript.
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Understand the difference between JavaScript types, and static typing.
Read and write TypeScript as easily as JavaScript.
Be able to more readily engage in TypeScript projects.
Edit and compile your own TypeScript code.

Stepping up to TypeScript is intended to not just introduce you to writing code with TypeScript but advance your coding skill in total.  People with existing JavaScript knowledge who want to do more with their projects will find TypeScript can do so much more than just plain JS.  Professionals coming from statically typed languages like Java or C# will find this course a refreshing way to transition into Web or NodeJS development.

While new frameworks seem to come and go every day, TypeScript is here to stay.  TypeScript will likely continue to be a reliable means to develop any JavaScript application for many years to come.

Even if you are a seasoned JavaScript developer, learning TypeScript will not only prepare you for a potential project in the future, but will immediately improve your JavaScript architecture.

This is a very high quality, fundamentals first, fast paced course that you are sure to enjoy with an expansive amount of free content and community resources.

We look forward to having you join us in this TypeScript revolution.

Note: This is a very fast paced course that you should be comfortable rewinding or replaying sections.  Having some programming experience is necessary and experience with ECMA script like JavaScript or ActionScript will be of significant benefit.

Stepping up to TypeScript: Fundamentals
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