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Stepping up to CSharp (C# Accelerator)

Take C# coding to the next level with this high quality, in-depth, fast paced, cross platform, accelerator course.
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Tackling C# will not only seem much easier, but the question of when to use advanced C# coding techniques will be more obvious.
Important C# fundamental concepts will ready you for more advanced topics.
You will be familliar with common hangups that can trip up or totally derail less experienced developers.
You will be familliar with real world advanced concepts, techniques and code patterns.
You will go beyond the language itself and cover important concepts that every developer should know when dealing with a language like C#.

Stepping up to CSharp is a high quality, modern, in-depth, fast paced course intended for students who have at least some beginner level experience with a coding language, have a strong interest in learning C# or are active C# coders looking to expand their capabilities and understanding. 

C# is a mature, advanced and evolving language that thanks to open-source and OmniSharp, can be used cross platform.  There is a good chance you have heard of Xamarin.  Maybe you are working on a Unity 3D project.  Or you're interested in writing your first Universal Windows Platform application.  Having a solid understanding of C# code structure and some commonly used advanced techniques will give you an edge on your next project.

Be sure to look at the later sections of the curriculum to see some of the more advanced topics we will cover to get a feeling for where this course will take you. :)  We will go beyond C# as a language and cover many computer science topics that a more senior level developer may face.

We will be using Visual Studio Code (free) and OmniSharp to allow for easy cross platform Windows and Mac OS development.

Stepping up to CSharp (C# Accelerator)
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