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New to Unix/Linux? Be an Expert in a MONTH-Shell Script 2021

Step by Step Unix - Linux Commands |Grep in Detail | File and Folder operations | Best Practices | Quiz & Exercise
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Will have detailed knowledge of most useful commands of Unix/ Linux Operating System
Will be able to perform back end testing &development activities like fetching, analyzing logs and verifying logs
Will get decent understanding of Shell scripting & its implementation in testing tasks/activities
Ready to perform complex task & activities on Linux/ Unix environment
Detailed understanding of each and every command and how we can use them in Realtime projects

➖➖➖➖>> Course Updates <<➖➖➖➖

Mar 2021 -  Added AWK and SED videos

Nov 2020 - Added File Search Videos (Grep Commands)

Apr 2020 - Updated video and audio quality of Section 1 and Section 2

Dec 2019 - Added virtual machine setup instructions


Unix / Linux Command & Shell scripting


This is a Must to Learn course for every IT Professional(Be it developer or Tester), Now days in every job profile, you will find it mandatory to have skills to Work in Unix or Linux Environment.

In today's competitive environment, companies need professionals who are having good understand of Unix/Linux command and shell scripting.

In many domain like Telecom, Unix commands and shell scripting are basic prerequisite to start working.

This course is very useful for professional who are looking to do backend activities like data processing, log handling etc.

- Here we will cover Unix commands which we can use in daily activities and also we have covered many interview question which are asked in interviews.

  1. Setup virtual machine(environment)

  2. Unix Basics to advance commands for Software Testers

  3. Basic commands

  4. Check Log Files

  5. Basic files and folder operation

  6. File Search

  7. Content Search

  8. Memory related commands

  9. CPU Processing

  10. Merging of command outputs

  11. Practice questions

  12. Interview Questions

  13. Shell Scripting

  14. Many Practice sessions to check your knowledge

This course also contains AWK and SED command which are must for data processing with many conditions. Here you will start AWK and SED commands from very basic to expert level

New to Unix/Linux? Be an Expert in a MONTH-Shell Script 2021
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