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New to Python Automation ? Step by Step Python 4 Tester-2021

Python for Testers & QA Professionals |Advance Coverage with Lots of Practice Exercise | Realtime Projects
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Expert level knowledge with practical exposer of Python for Realtime implementation
Ready to implement python with different automation tools like Selenium or Appium
Ready to face Python interviews(Python Automation Interviews)
Ready to implement python based framework for different types of Automation(Web, API & Utility)
Expert Level understanding of different libraries like OpenPyXL, CSV etc
Ready to write different Manual Testing utilities using Python

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1  Nov 2020 :  Added Data Generation Project

2  Apr 2020 :  Updated video quality

Looking to Automate your testing stuffs using Python ? Then you are on the right place.

This course will help you to understand and Learn Python programming from Scratch to Expert Level. It is specially designed by keeping Software Testing in mind so almost all already/libraries of Python which are required in automation would be covered in his course.

Python in not just use for web browser automation but also can use for following

  • Read | Search  & validate data in excel

  • Have to pull text off of several web pages?

  • Copy thousands of files from one location to another

  • Perform repeatable tasks in single click

  • Rename multiple files & folders within a second.

Python can help in automating tasks like -


  1. Setting up environments for testing

  2. Analyzing data.

  3. Extracting performance data

  4. Automate API

  5. Automate Web Applications

  6. Generate test Data

Course Coverage


  • Step by Step Setup

  • Why to Learn Python as Software Tester

  • Basic Programming

  • Modules

  • OOPS Concepts

  • OpenPyXl

  • Working with Notepad and CSV

  • Pytest Framework

  • Interview Question

  • Practical Implementation

  • Practice Exercises

  • Realtime Scenario

  • Best Practices

    After this course, you will be eligible to implement your knowledge to make Testing Utilities using Python and also ready to automation different types of application (Web, API) using Python, Most common tools available in market which support python are following, you will be ready to work on these tools after completing this course

  • Selenium with Python

  • API Testing using Python

  • Appium with Python

  • Robot Framework

New to Python Automation ? Step by Step Python 4 Tester-2021
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