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Step By Step Photo-Realistic Exteriors; 3ds Max + Vray

How to create highly realistic exteriors in 3ds Max and Vray
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Creating photo realistic exteriors
Learning how to use photo realistic lighting
Learning how to use photo realistic rendering
Learning how to do efficient test rendering
Learning how to do high quality post production
Expert Workflows for better efficiency
How to better compose your camera angles

Welcome to the Photo-Realistic Exteriors course where you will learn how to turn this basic model into high quality photo-realistic render. We are an experienced group of instructors with over 20 years of experience in 3D and Architecture.

If you are ready for that next leap in realism and detail, this is the course for you. Perhaps you already have a good knowledge of arch viz in 3ds Max + Vray, or maybe you are just starting out, but are you ready to take the techniques, tools and workflows that only experts use?

In this course you will learn new skills that you need to take your Vray renderings from basic/average to outstanding.

The course will begin with a basic model that is provided together with other free plugins and scripts. From there, the instructor will guide you step by step through the process of making much more interesting and detailed renders using advanced techniques and tools.

Content Provided to Students:

  • Complete house model

  • All necessary texture maps

  • All Furniture Models with Materials

  • Foliage Models

  • Free Scripts and Plugins to Improve your Workflow

Step By Step Photo-Realistic Exteriors; 3ds Max + Vray
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