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Step By Step Mastering PowerShell

PowerShell Series : Learn PowerShell To Automate Anything
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PowerShell Concepts with Incremental approach
How Function Works In PowerShell
How Function will be Converted To DotSourcing
How DotSourcing Code will be converted To PowerShell Module
PowerShell Remoting Concept With Active Directory Project

In this course you Learn PowerShell tool in a Step By Step Manner. As you know that PowerShell is one of the most Powerful tool which can be used to automate any task from Active Directory Management / Microsoft Azure / Microsoft Office 365 / AWS. In this course I have covered all the basic to Advance concepts of PowerShell . The Topics are Listed Below

PART I : PowerShell Basics


A. PowerShell Introduction

  • What is Shell

  • What is PowerShell

  • Why you Need PowerShell

  • Ways to use PowerShell

  • PowerShell Exercises

  • PowerShell Cmdlets

  • PowerShell EcoSystem

B. Comments In PowerShell

  • How To Do Block Comment In PowerShell

  • How To Do InLine Comment In PowerShell

C. Variables In PowerShell

  • What Is Variables

  • How Variables Defined In PowerShell

  • Variable Types

  • Variable DataType

  • Variable Scope

  • PowerShell Variable Examples

D. Arrays In PowerShell

  • Arrays In PowerShell

  • Array List

  • Array Index

  • Multidimensional Arrays

  • Array Exercises

E. Operators And Flow Control In PowerShell

  • Arithmetic Operator

  • Operator Precedence

  • Comparison Operator

  • Logical Operators

  • Flow Controls

  • If Block

  • If Else Block

  • Switch

F. PowerShell Loops

  • What are Loops and Why Do I Need Them

  • Types Of Loops Supported By PowerShell

  • For Loop

  • ForEach Loop

  • ForEach-Object

  • While Loop

  • Do While

  • Do Until Loop

  • Pipeing - Implicity Looping

  • How to Code Loops

PART I I: PowerShell Advance


G. Functions In PowerShell

  • Functions In PowerShell

  • What Are Functions?

  • Why to use Functions

  • Types Of Function In PowerShell

H. Dot Sourcing

  • Dot Sourcing Concepts

  • Reusability

  • Calling PowerShell Scripts Directly and Dot Sourcing

  • Common Parameter Support

  • Pros & Cons Of Dot Sourcing

I. PowerShell Module

  • What are Modules

  • Why Use Them?

  • Module Components

  • Module Types

  • Features of a Script Module

  • Demo Code

  • Keeping Your Functions in Separate Files

  • The Module Manifest

J. PowerShell Remoting

  • What is PowerShell Remoting

  • What Was Prior To PowerShell Remoting

  • Architecture Of PowerShell Remoting

  • Why you need it ?

  • Security Concerns

  • How Do We Enable WinRM

  • Invoke-Command

  • Remote Sessions

  • Demo Exercises

Step By Step Mastering  PowerShell
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