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WhatsApp for Business Mastery Course

Master WhatsApp For Business and connect better with your customers and increase your sales, Learn to Setup WhatsApp Ads
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How to Install and Setting up WhatsApp Business App
Setting up your Business Profile so your business owners can have an impactful presence on WhatsApp For Business
Create and Manage WhatsApp Business Catalogue
Learn How to run WhatsApp Ad campaign using Facebook Ad Manager
Setting up Pre-Defined Greeting Messages and Away Messages
Setting up a Short Link for WhatsApp Business for running a campaign on Facebook and Instagram
Labeling a chat based on the type of business conversation
Setting up Quick Replies
Using other features effectively to unlock maximum business growth through WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp has billions of users using its app on a day to day basis worldwide. Almost all kinds of people use WhatsApp for their personal and business communication these days.

It is an excellent opportunity for all of us as marketers to use WhatsApp for Business for our business benefits. You can use WhatsApp for Business in two ways as -

1) Customer service to existing customers

2) Marketing to New Customers

In this course, I will walk you through every process right from setting up WhatsApp Business account, configuring to its best practices, and tell you all the secrets to successfully manage your business conversation with both your new customers and existing customers.

I will also cover how you can run WhatsApp Ad Campaign using Facebook Ad Manager and acquire new customers/leads/prospects.

So ENROLL today and grow your business using WhatsApp for Business.

WhatsApp for Business Mastery Course
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