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Step By Step Guide To Base SAS

A detailed guided course to understanding Base SAS using SAS 9.1
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 15 students enrolled
Get a complete understanding of basics of SAS. In addition to this students will also master some advanced topics in base SAS.
Complete knowledge and understanding of working in SAS environment.
Students can further apply these techniques in business analytics to solve real life business problems and quantify business decisions.

The primary purpose of this tutorial is that it will give those enrolled a complete knowledge of SAS environment and the underlying techniques needed to apply SAS to solve business problems. The version of SAS used is 9.1.

The tutorial is so structured so as to allow those enrolled to master a wide range of techniques in base SAS starting from basic techniques such as formatting, sub setting and splitting to advanced topics such as SAS Macros and Proc SQL.

The lectures are delivered in simple English that enable most enrolled to clearly understand the techniques. Also real life case studies make the techniques easy to understand.

Step By Step Guide To Base SAS
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