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Step by Step Gif animation in Photoshop

learn how to create gif animated images in photoshop and how to convert videos into gif animation.
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create gif animations with frame by frame or key frame based animation
create animated gifs
create gif images that meet google ads standards
convert video to gif images and animations
optimize gifs for web and devices
import videos into photoshop and export them as gif images

******Enter the world of GIFs******

and learn

  • how to create gifs
  • how to optimize gifs for web
  • how to convert gifs for web.
  • how to create looping gifs
  • how to create gifs that loop only a certain number of times.
  • how to create gifs that meet Google ads standards
  • how to animate using frame by frame
  • how to animate using key frame based animation

How to create gif animations in Photoshop.

Gifs are one of the most used formats on the internet today, you will see gif animations used as banner ads for google ads, bing ads and all other advertising platforms on the web, so if what you need is to create gifs for your product advertising, website or company or simply to add more life to your social media pages, gifs can help you change the way you portray your message to your audience.


.Gif the best format ever created

you will learn how to optimize your gif images to be lite so that they load faster.

convert video to gif, for example if you want to add a segment of your cat video onto your blog but you dont want to use video because of the limitation that comes with video, your visitors need updated flash player to play the video plus the data required to buffer the whole length of the video, all these problems are solved when you know how to use gif.

may be you want to be able to create those memes you see being used as profile pictures on forums. this is a course for you too.

there endless ways to use them and in this course i will be teaching you how to create gifs and will be constantly updating this course with new tips and tricks for free.

so what are you waiting for order this course now and i will see you inside.

thank you

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Step by Step Gif animation in Photoshop
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