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Self Tape Auditioning - Real talk from Real CDs

How to put your best face forward
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Tips of Dos and Don'ts for self tape auditions
Technical rules to follow to put your best face forward
A deeper explaination of why Casting and Producer's eyes need to view things a certain way
How not to upstage yourself on camera
How to inexpensively be prepared at home to tape and send
How to be prepared to self tape while you are traveling
How to send videos to casting - made easy
Get working Casting Director's opinions & advice from their own experience
What will help you stand out from your selftape?

This is an in-depth explanation from Nicole & Robin at Stella Nova Casting, two actors/casting directors who have been using self-taping as part of their own auditioning & casting process for many years. We have first-hand knowledge of what works and what doesn't. We have seen the need rising for self-taping in the industry, and we thought that a class on this topic would no longer be needed. Until we cast our most recent back to back projects and we realized we are still getting a lot of the same mistakes from beginner and seasoned acting professionals with their at-home self-tapes.

We know there are a lot of Youtube videos out there with self-taping suggestions and after watching a bunch myself, I was still wondering why we are still getting bad tapes. Then I realized a few things. First, some videos are just about technical suggestions with no deeper explanations. Second, other videos are not from industry professionals receiving self-tapes so they do not have the same feedback we have heard over the years from our decision-makers. And that makes all the difference. In this course, we are encouraging you to step into our shoes. You have the acting talent already. Now open your mind to the technical side and the psychology behind the business. This course will be filled with reasons why we need things a certain way and how it helps you get closer to booking the job.

Self Tape Auditioning - Real talk from Real CDs
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