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Staying Healthy While Traveling - The Natural Way

Confidently use homeopathy to treat illnesses and common travel discomforts
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How to treat travel related illnesses with Homeopathic Remedies
Know which remedies to give, when to give them, and identify the correct dosage
Assemble a homeopathic travel kit to take with you on your trip

If you have ever gone on a trip and lost several days to illness or to common travel discomforts, then this course is for you. On completion of the course you will know how to use homeopathic remedies for common ailments such as digestive problems, sprained ankles, motion sickness, jet lag and sunstroke. This can change your travel experience forever! The course includes:

  • Cases related to each type of illness covered
  • Quizzes to be sure you are understanding the material
  • Basics of Homeopathy and homeopathic remedies
  • A travel handbook to take with you on your trip for ease of choosing the correct homeopathic remedy
  • 17 Lectures

Staying Healthy While Traveling - The Natural Way
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