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Quick dive into R

A general overview of R
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install R
perform multiple regression in R
program in R
perform visualization in R

This is a course for people who want a quick introduction into the world of R, without getting into too much detail. This course is ideal for

  1. complete beginners to R
  2. business professionals who want a quick overview of R
  3. Anyone new to R, who is considering using R as the standard statistical tool in their organization

After the course you will be able to do the following:

  1. install R
  2. programming in R
  3. multiple regression in R
  4. perform visualization in R
  5. and much more!

Finally, you will have a good idea of R and its capabilities. The course is taught in a lecture and tutorial style format. In a very a short time the course should take you from being a complete beginner in R to someone with a solid foundation to continue his/her journey with R, knowing how to get help, as well as a good idea of the capabilities that R can provide for its users as well as organizations across the spectrum.

In order to take this course you will need to have laptop or a desktop with a windows/mac/or linux installed

Quick dive into R
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