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Statistics Fundamentals and its Applications

Learn Theoretical and Practical Applications of DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS for Data Analysis
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Understand the Basics of Descriptive Statistics
  • Measures of Central Tendency

    • Arithematic Mean

    • Geometric Mean

    • Harmonic Mean

    • Median

    • Mode

  • Properties and applications of Measures of Central Tendency

  • Arithematic Mean and Geometric Mean of Combined Series

  • Partition Values

    • Quartiles

    • Deciles

    • Percentiles

  • Properties and application of Partition Values

  • Related Theorems

  • Measures of Dispersion-

    • Range

    • Quartile Deviation

    • Mean Deviation

    • Standard Deviation

  • Properties and application of Measures of Dispersion

  • Variance

  • Variance of Combined Series

  • Coefficients of Dispersion

  • Coefficients of Variation

  • Moments

  • Skewness and its coefficients- Karl Pearsons and Bowleys with applications.

Statistics Fundamentals and its Applications
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