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Statistics for Managers using MS Excel

A Step-by- Step Approach
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Meaning, nature, Scope & Limitations of statistics
Summarize data using Graphical and Numerical Methods
Meaning of probability, Addition & Multiplication Rules of Probability, Total Probability & Bayes' Theorem
Random Variable, Binomial, Poisson & Normal Distribution
Sampling and its types, Sampling distribution of Mean, Standard Error
Estimation, Point Estimate, Interval Estimate, Confidence Interval construction
Hypothesis Testing, Z test, t-test, F test, Chi-square test, Test of Independence, ANOVA
Index Number
Karl Pearson Correlation, Spearman's Rank Order Correlation, Regression Analysis & Forecasting
Statistical Decision Theory

This course on business statistics is for MBA students. It caters to the need of business and management professionals and provides not only a conceptual understanding of various statistical concepts but also teaches in a step by step method to conduct statistical analysis using excel.   It covers univariate, bivariate and multivariate analysis in a clear cut manner using excel snapshots.

Statistics for Managers using MS Excel
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