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Statistics for Data Science, Business&Research(Data Science)

ATENTION!!ONLY COURSE WITH NON PARAMETRIC TESTS. Statistics Data Science Business & Research
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Understand the fundamentals of probability and statistics
Understand how to use various statistical distributions
Calculate correlation and perform Regresion analysis
Understand and perform Chi Squared Tests
Understand what a sampling distribution is
Apply statistical methods and hypothesis testing to business problems
Apply Hypothesis Testing, T-test, z-test, ANOVA, etc
Normality Testing. W/S Test for Normality (ATENTION!! no other Data Science Statistics course in Udemy teachs)
Mann Whitney U test (ATENTION!! no other Data Science Statistics course in Udemy teachs)
You will learn to use EXCEL in the most simple and easy way to perform Statistical Tests
The Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient (NEW!!!)


Here you will rapidly get the essential Statistics Knowledge for a Data Scientist, Data Analyst and for doing serious Research. This course is very practical, with exercises and solved problems.  You will learn how to perform the Statistical Tests with Excel in the most easy and practical possible way. Excel Spreedsheets for the Tests are included!

The sections are modular and organized by topic. We'll cover everything you need to know about statistics and probability to clearly solve real world business, data science problems and do serious Research.

At the same time you will master topics such as distributions, the Central Limit Theorem, confidence intervals, statistical significant, Variance and Standard Deviation ,Correlation and Regression Analysis, hypothesis testing,T-Distribution Testing, ANOVA, Chi Squared, U-TEST, Normality Testing and much more!

One of the main differences with other Statistics Data Analysis courses in Udemy, is that in this course you will learn the importance of Testing your data, how to test normality and perform U-test in case your data cannot perform parametric Test like ANOVA, T-test , etc.

Upon concluding the course you’ll receive a certificate of completion that you can post on your linkedin profile and show to your potential employers!

All of this content comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can try out the course with out any risk.

Statistics for Data Science, Business&Research(Data Science)
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