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Statistics Course For Beginners: Learn to Question the Numbers and Make Better Decisions

Learn statistics basics in one quick statistics course to evaluate the data you get professionally and stay away from getting fooled by others
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You'll learn to apply basic statistics to your world, work, and everyday life
You'll get new insights from behavioral economics, specifically how our mental biases can lead to misinterpreting statistics
You'll get the tools to make more informed decisions
You'll start questioning the statistics around you

Do you want to start making better choices at work, when investing, and in life-based on more critical thinking, having the skills to summarize vast quantities of data? Or, in simple words, do you want to see the world more clearly? Congratulations: you’re in the right place. With this statistics course, you’re about to learn to question the numbers and intuitive biases in various situations. Statistics are fun. You’ll be fascinated by how practical the skills in statistical thinking can be! Enroll in the course, and let’s learn the statistics basics to see the world more objectively.

Why is it necessary to take a statistics course?

Humans have wiped out 60% of animals! 9 out of 10 dentists recommend using this particular toothpaste! These are statements that involve numbers and statistics. But are they true? Can you trust data visualizations? To stay away from the mass-media shaping your view towards the world and what you know about it, it’s a good idea to get a proper introduction to statistics so that you’re not that easy to fool.

Imagine you’re an officer in World War 2, and you’re in charge of airplane weaponry and armor. You’re trying to figure out how to armor planes efficiently without making them too heavy. So you study the aircraft when they come back and start recording where they’ve been shot. After analyzing all the data, you see there are more bullet holes in the body, wings, fuel system, and not as many on the engines. You’ll think the best way to protect the planes is to reinforce those areas that are hit the most. That’s a real-world task. However, an experienced statistician said to put the armor where there were no bullet holes – on the engines. This sounds counterintuitive to non-statisticians, but there was a good reason for this advice. What that means is that only the surviving planes had few bullet holes on the engines, but what about those that never came back? We are systematically relying on the surviving data, missing the whole picture. And in such way, we’re lead into bias. That’s where statistical thinking comes into usable power!

What will you learn in this statistics for beginners course?

I’ve tried to make this statistics course as engaging as possible by using animations, exercises, quizzes, referring to further readings, etc. There will be very little maths – the focus will be rather on the intuition and practical use of statistics for making better judgments and decisions. Here’s a quick overview of the main topics included:

  • You’ll get a clear and practical introduction to statistics.
  • You’ll analyze the uses and common misuses of statistics.
  • You’ll develop a fool-proof attitude towards evaluating the data that various channels feed you with.
  • You’ll build a clear understanding of inference, causation, statistics, and regression analysis.
  • You’ll learn to question the published research findings.
  • You’ll learn to avoid cognitive bias with specific methods that can be learned.
  • This statistics course also includes a section on the art and science of prediction.
Build the confidence to question statistics you encounter in all areas of life

Learning statistics basics can be the first step towards seeing the world a little bit more objectively. It’s a lot like detective’s work. Instincts are not a very good guide in trying to interpret the statistics. It’s going further from your automatic gut feeling and stopping to think and question the number that you see. Statistics for beginners is something that will change the way you view the world. Enroll in this statistics course today with no delay!

Statistics Course For Beginners: Learn to Question the Numbers and Make Better Decisions
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