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Statistics Made Easy by Example for Analytics/ data science

Statistics Simplified - Statistics Made Easy by Excel Simulations. Master fundamentals of statistics & Probability.
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By the end of this course, you should become very comfortable with popular concepts of statistics
You should know the genesis of popular statistical concepts
You should know how you apply it in business problem
You should have the required course material for referral

What is the course about?

This course promises that students will

  • Learn the statistics in a simple and interesting way
  • Know the business scenarios, where it is applied
  • See the demonstration of important concepts (simulations) in MS Excel
  • Practice it in MS Excel to cement the learning
  • Get confidence to answer questions on statistics
  • Be ready to do more advance course like logistic regression etc.

Course Material

  • The course comprises of primarily video lectures.
  • All Excel file used in the course are available for download.
  • The complete content of the course is available to download in PDF format.

How long the course should take?

It should take approximately 25 hours for good grasp on the subject.

Why take the course

  • To understand statistics with ease
  • Get crystal clear understanding of applicability
  • Understand the subject with the context
  • See the simulation before learning the theory
Statistics Made Easy by Example for Analytics/ data science
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