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Statistical Data Analysis with SAS

Understanding the Data Flow in SAS: Learn SAS Programming from Data Importing, Management, Manipulation to Data Analysis
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Learn SAS and be confident on your data analysis skills
Learn to accomplish a task with various SAS techniques, with tons of examples and quizes
Learn step-by-step statistical analysis from descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing to linear regression
Learn data importing with different techniques for variuos type of data
Use many important functions to make SAS programming easy
Advanced concepts of meta data: formats and informats, labels, lengths, etc.
Learn the manipulation techniques to prepare the data and make the data analysis-ready
Perform dataset manipulations: subsetting, transposition, etc.
Be able to properly interpret the results from statistical analyses
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This course aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to the SAS analytic software for Windows. Through a mixture of lectures and in-class examples, quizzes, and take-home assignments, students will gain experience using the SAS system for data manipulation, management and analysis. You will also expect A LOT of extracurricular learning materials for self-pace learning, treat it as a BONUS! Emphasis will be placed on the skills and techniques necessary for efficient data manipulation, management and analysis. It is designed for students with little to no background with SAS, and an understanding of the basic statistical concepts. This will be an excellent choice for your first SAS introduction course for your data analysis career.

Plus, you will get a FREE course - SAS Data Issue Handling and Good Programming Practice (check out in the bonus lecture)!!!


  • A comprehensive course design from SAS basics to statistical analysis

  • Many in-class examples, exercises and take-home assignment  

  • Master various techniques for data importing

  • Solid understanding of variable attributes, and learn various character/numeric functions  

  • IF-THEN/ELSE statements  

  • Do loop and counter variables  

  • Master DATA step with Concatenation, Merge, etc.  

  • Exposed to several useful PROC step (PRINT, SORT, TRANSPOSE, etc.).  

  • Descriptive statistics procedures (MEANS, UNIVARIATE, FREQ)

  • Hypothesis testing (UNIVARIATE, TTEST, ANOVA)  

  • Correlations (CORR)

  • Regression (REG)


  • No SAS background required;  

  • Basic knowledge of statistics is preferred.

Statistical Data Analysis with SAS
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