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Startup Sales- The Guide for going from 0-1Million+

Let's make the jump, together
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Find customers for your product in a repeatable and predictable way
Apply the 3 Question messaging framework to their outreach
Develop a process for testing and iterating your sales process for optimal growth
Apply sales tactics to drive momentum and alignment in your product/service demo
Understand the optimal startup sales stack for different levels of outbound

When it comes to going from 0 to 10 unrelated customers, growth is hard, and yet making the jump from 10 to 100 seems even harder.

In this course we're going to demystify startup sales, helping you take your business from $0-$1Million in annual recurring revenue.

We’ll do this by

  1. Identifying the messaging problems that are stalling your deals

  2. Showing you how to build a repeatable lead gen process for your team

  3. Covering some best in class tactics for keeping your momentum to your product/service demo and beyond

Taught by a founder who has made the leap before and current Entrepreneur in Residence at Techstars. Let's close some deals!

Startup Sales- The Guide for going from 0-1Million+
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