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Make promo videos with ScreenFlow

Learn to wow your customers and your team with professional—but easily attainable—video and marketing skills
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Pre production planning: keep your videos on track, focused, and effective
Screenflow Training: Get to know the most powerful easy-to-use video program around
You'll have the chance to create your own course project with guided materials
Sound recording basics: How to make your voice sound even better with the magic of post processing
Voiceover techniques and coaching: Andy goes in-depth on the techniques he uses every time he steps in front of the mic
Tips and tricks to keep your viewers engaged throughout your video
Equipment recommendations for affordable, professional sounding audio setups

Learn to make amazing product videos.

In this course, I'll teach you how to create stunning, smart, and effective videos from concept to completion. This isn’t just a course on how to use ScreenFlow. This course will teach you how to approach making videos for your business holistically—so that your videos not only get watched, but actually have an impact.

Who's this for? 
Simply put—Anyone who works on an app (mobile, desktop, web, etc.,) that needs to make videos worthy of their product & customers.

Who's this not for? 
While a lot of the ideas in this course will help make other great videos, too—This is not for people looking to make videos using real cameras. I'm teaching screencasts-on-steroids here.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to make great product videos! (duh)
How to write scripts for product videos (very different than just “scripts")
How to ensure you’re making the right video
How to use ScreenFlow to record, edit and publish amazing video
How to record your own professional quality voiceovers
Voiceover tips and techniques
A new set of skills to take with you anywhere, as video becomes more and more important to businesses everywhere

What you'll need

A copy of ScreenFlow (30 day free trial available)
A Mac
Garageband or Adobe Audition

Make promo videos with ScreenFlow
$ 49.99
per course
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