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How to Start a Startup or Small Business the Right Way

Key Lessons for Busy Entrepreneurs
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Learn how to go from an idea or concept to finding your first customers, building a company, and avoiding many of the most common critical mistakes entrepreneurs and founders make

Having led, started, and advised startups and small businesses for the  past 10 years, this course is my effort to fit many of my most important  lessons, frameworks, principles, and potential mistakes/problems that I  think entrepreneurs, founders, and small business owners should know  and understand into a single, hour-long course. This course is intended  for beginner to intermediate-stage stage founders who either (a) are  thinking about launching a business or turning a side project into a  startup or (b) who are in the early phase of their business and looking  to develop product-market fit, employ best practices, and avoid common  founder problems and mistakes.

How to Start a Startup or Small Business the Right Way
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