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Startup Pitching Blueprint: Complete Startup Pitching Guide

Startup Pitching Made Easy, Dozens of Lectures About Startup Pitching & Venture Capital + Free Course Booklet
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Use Guy Kawasaki's 10 Step Pitching Formula in order to develop convincing startup and venture capital pitches
Receive more venture capital by using proven strategies in order to get better deals
Understand the focus of any listener or venture capitalist
Have the right posture, amount of confidence and thinking during a pitch
Present you startup business in the most satisfactory way to clients, partners, vcs and total strangers


Thank you for taking this course. In this course, I will present you two perspectives: 1. The perspective of an entrepreneur who wants to convince an audience or a venture capitalist. The 2. perspective is of a venture capitalist or the listener in a venue. I will explain to you in detail the focus of any venture pitch and show you how a startup pitch should sound and look like. But, we don't stop there. I will also work with you on your confidence and posture. We will furthermore use Guy Kawasaki's 10 Step Startup Pitching Formula in order to structure your pitch properly. 

Many entrepreneurs struggle with startup pitching even though it is one of the most necessary skills in the business world to be able to speak in front of people and convince them of the idea/product that you are offering. Startup pitching is like selling a product. If you can sell a product well to any customer, you are possibly also a great public speaker. Nevertheless, most people are not. I personally had to learn how to become a good public speaker and had years in practice in order to be invited to speak at events with hundreds, sometimes thousands of people attending.

 We will in this course put special emphasis on the following topics:

  1. GUY KAWASAKI'S 10 STEP PITCHING FORMULA - In this part of the course, I will show you how to structure a proper startup pitch or venture capital presentation. We will cover 10 steps which will make it easy for you to structure any startup pitch with only very little preparation time. 
  2. GENERATING MORE VENTURE CAPITAL - I will show you how to use a few hacks in order to receive better venture capital deals when you are presenting in front of venture capitalists.
  3. DEVELOPING CONFIDENCE - Most entrepreneurs have one major problem: The amount of confidence they have in their product v. the amount of confidence that they display. In this course, I will show you proven strategies focussing mainly on posture and mindset to be able to display great confidence. 
  4. THE FOCUS OF PITCHES - I will show you what the listener is looking for when he/she hears a speech from you and how you can find out their focus. We will furthermore in detail talk about the focus that venture capitalists have. 

This course goes with a private mentor and 24/7 support. If you don't like the course, you can get your money back within the first 30 days of taking the course! ENROLL NOW!

Startup Pitching Blueprint: Complete Startup Pitching Guide
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