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Startup Growth Strategies: Simple Approaches for Fast Growth

Learn how to turbocharge the growth of your startup from a strategist who evaluated hundreds of startups for investment
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Identify attractive niches for your business to focus on that will allow you to grow much faster than trying to be everything to everyone
Acquire large numbers of new customers without spending a dollar on B2C marketing - but you have to hustle and put in legwork
Ensure you have the right set of skills and capabilities to make your business successful - experience matters!
Grow as fast as possible by tailoring your startup to your most profitable customers
Avoid all the common mistakes I saw hundreds of entrepreneurs make

Imagine how much more successful you could be growing your startup if you could learn from the successes and mistakes of hundreds of entrepreneurs who came before you - that is what this course will do for you

While I was at eBay I spent over $1B investing in and buying startups, so I evaluated hundreds of startups and saw what they did well and the most common pitfalls.  I've been coaching entrepreneurs the past few years since I left eBay using what I've learned to help them become more successful, and now this knowledge is available to you in this course.

You will learn how to take your startup to the next level by avoiding the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make:

  • How to avoid the endless hole of direct marketing spending and still acquire loads of valuable customers
  • Why so many startups fail because they have dreams that are too broad and too big 
  • How much it pays to focus your startup in areas where you or your team have deep expertise and skills - just picking an area you are passionate about or is a big opportunity is a huge risk if you don't have relevant experience
  • Not all customers are created equal - if you treat them all the same you will lose your best customers

Teaching method:

To illustrate the principles of this course, we’ll look at different mistakes entrepreneurs made and how other entrepreneurs employed the strategies in this course to overtake them.  These are all going to be pragmatic case studies, taught in the same way top business schools teach  and how top management consulting firms like Bain train their employees.  I’m not going to teach you any theory, nothing academic, this is a practical course. I am going to teach you the same materials that I use to coach dozens of entrepreneurs like you each year.

INSTRUCTOR DIRECT SUPPORT: Ask any question and get answer right away within 24 hours or less depending on time zone - we do sleep you know ;) We are actively committed to supporting our students every step of the way.

30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Don't forget you can enroll at no risk! If this course is not for you then you can get 100% of your money back with the press of a button - no questions asked!  There is no risk to you - only upside benefit!


Startup Growth Strategies: Simple Approaches for Fast Growth
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