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Startup Fundraising Masterclass: Venture Capital 101

How to find and get in touch with investors for your startup. Start attracting venture capital today.
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Raise money for your startup idea
Find and connect with the RIGHT investors
Preparing for fundraising like a pro

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Welcome to this Startup Fundraising Masterclass: Venture Capital 101. 

Are you looking to raise money for your startup? Do you want to know how to attract venture capital for your business? Then this is the RIGHT class for you. 

Fundraising Masterclass has the best and most actionable fundraising strategies, methods, hacks and tricks that help you find and get in contact with investors for YOUR startup. It is a best-of from all I learned in the past 10 years:

  • From my 3 startups that raised over €3.000.000 from VCs and Angels in Germany, Austria and the USA

  • From 100s of hours of trial-and-error, fundraising and supporting other founders to raise funds for their startups

  • From 100s of conversations with successful founders, VCs, and Angels for my startup podcast and Startup Report

Hi, I am Florian Kandler, 3-time founder, currently working on launching my 4th company. With Fundraising Masterclass I want to share my knowledge and help founders who REALLY want to take their fundraising abilities to the next level, and get the money that they and their startups deserve. My co-instructor is Ali Mirza who is also a serial entrepreneur and founder of social media agency. 

Class TopicsHere are the specific topics covered inside this class

  1. Understand who the RIGHT investors are for your startup.

  2. Where to find investors and venture capital for your business. 

  3. How to prepare in a SMART way for startup fundraising. 

  4. How to find more and better investors faster. 

  5. Reach out and get in tough with the right people.

This course comes with a 30day money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose. 

ENROLL right now and let's help you with the fundraising. 

Startup Fundraising Masterclass: Venture Capital 101
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