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The #StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit 2017

The #StartingGood Summit brought together 27 social change leaders to share their stories, insights and advice.
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Get super-value practical tips for creating social change from people who have done it, with presentations from and interviews with over 20 founders
Hear personal stories from social entrepreneurs on their journey, their mistakes and what they've learnt along the way
Insights into a wide range of topics such as leadership, creativity, fundraising, design thinking, branding, PR, company culture, personal sustainability and so much more
Learn how to raise money, gain attention, build teams , ask better questions, overcome fear and so much more!

The #StartingGood Virtual Summit brings together almost thought-leaders and doers from the social enterprise and social change world to share what they know to help you start good.

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In 2017 featured guests included two New York Times Best-Selling authors, Clay Shirky and Joel Comm, the “godfather of social entrepreneurship” and founder of Ashoka Bill Drayton, and founders from enterprises working in fashion, food, education, mental health, leadership, storytelling and more.

The #StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit is unique opportunity for emerging social entrepreneurs, and those already working in the sector or interested in getting involved, to learn from some of the most inspiring founders and insightful thought-leaders in social change. It’s all about giving you access to the ideas, inspiration and insights you need to start good.

Talks and presentations include:

  • Daniel Flynn, co-founder of Thank You Group, on his story of founding Thank You Water;
  • Em Havens from IDEO U on building learning communities;
  • Dave Gravina from Future Friendly on the acquisition of his social enterprise last year;
  • Luke Terry from Vanguard Laundry on how he raised $6 million to launch his;
  • Natasha Akib from Digital Storytellers presenting their “stories for change” canvas;
  • Clay Shirky on how technology is changing politics;
  • Justin Milano, co-founder of Good Startups, on overcoming fear;
  • Dora Nikols, founder of Social Mission, an ethical PR agency, on gaining media for your social enterprise;
  • Tony Loyd on the top 10 pieces of advice he received from speaking to over 150 social entrepreneurs for The Social Entrepreneurship Podcast;
  • Hildy Gottleib from Creating the Future on how changing the questions you ask can change everything and;
  • Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka, on the next paradigm shift that's coming.

And so much more! We have videos from 25 founders and other thought-leaders covering storytelling, fundraising, opportunities for fashion social enterprises, startup leadership, human-centred design, personal sustainability and much much more.

This Udemy course contains all the recorded content from the #StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit 2017. By purchasing this course you gain lifetime access to this content, guaranteed by Udemy.

Over 11 days from March 20-31 more than 1300 registered attendees were able to learn about raising millions of dollars to launch a new enterprise, how to pitch and sell your idea, PR and storytelling for social startups and the opportunities for social entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, all from people who have been in the trenches and made things happen, including more than 20 founders. You will hear about how to apply open-source principles to politics, how to overcome the fear every entrepreneur feels, the new leadership skills of the 21st Century and why everyone a changemaker companies will win the future. And so much more! It’s the information you need to start good.

And now, this content can only be accessed here at Udemy!

Hear personal stories from social entrepreneurs further along in their journey, who will share their mistakes and what they've learned along the way.

Access practical tips on how to get started, tools for social change and more, from the world's most inspiring and insightful entrepreneurs, academics and trainers.

What's in it for you?

  • You're an aspiring changemaker with a passion to change the world. #StartingGood will give you the foundation to do so - with knowledge, advice and practical tips to get you started.
  • You're a creative thinker, full of wild ideas to solve the world's biggest problems. #StartingGood will help you turn those ideas into a reality, and shape them into a sustainable social enterprise.
  • You're already a social entrepreneur working on an opportunity. #StartingGood will provide endless opportunities for you to learn more to help you increase your impact and sustainability.

What topics are covered and who is speaking?

  • David Gravina on starting social enterprises from within the agency
  • Clay Shirky on how technology is changing politics
  • Kari Enge on how tapping into our core values is our only real chance at creating a social impact
  • Sam Refshauge on lessons learnt from transitioning a social enterprise from founder to CEO
  • Natasha Akib on how video can be used to create a better world, presenting on the "Story Canvas" 
  • Tom Dawkins on the power of crowdfunding and how to best harness it to create social good
  • Tony Loyd on the top 10 pieces of advice from over 150 social entrepreneurs
  • Em Havens & Cosmo Fujiyama on Building Creative Leaders to Create Impact
  • Justin Milano on an emotional intelligence masterclass: How to transform fear into creativity
  • Kate Clugston on Radical Self Care and what tools entrepreneurs can use to sustain their energy and passion
  • Luke Terry on how he raised $6 million to develop Towoomba's largest social enterprise
  • Avis Mulhall on personal sustainability issues faced by entrepreneurs and what we can do avoid burnout and find balance
  • Natalie Bramble on the secrets of grant writing needed to secure funding
  • Jay Boolkin & Anne Lennon on Social Enterprise Funding 101
  • Daniel Flynn on the the Thankyou journey
  • Hildy Gottlieb on how we can ask questions to most effectively create social change
  • Katja Forbes on how social entrepreneurs can use human centred design to develop solutions
  • Michael Margolis on how to tell a world changing story
  • Joel Comm on how to use social media for your social enterprise to get your story out
  • Dora Nikols on how social startups can use PR to get noticed and gain traction
  • Alex Budak on the characteristics of successful changemakers
  • Bill Drayton on the next paradigm shift
  • MJ Fitzpatrick on how to start a social enterprise
  • Kylie Hansen on NFPs setting up social enterprises
  • Melinda Tually on the experience and challenges of launching a social enterprise in the fashion industry
The #StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit 2017
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