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Starting an ISP with MikroTik

Building an ISP with MikroTik to distribute internet via different protocols such as DHCP & PPPoE using VLAN's & QOS
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Understanding in depth what is DHCP and how it works
Understanding in depth what is PPPoE and how it works
Understanding how to use DHCP and PPPoE to distribute internet to customers
Understanding how to use Mangle with QOS queeing to assign each customer a bandwidth speed on upload and download
Understanding the use of PCQ Queuing
Understanding what VLAN is and how to configure it on MikroTik
Understanding what is the function of Access ports and Trunk ports when using VLAN's
Understanding how to use VLAN together with DHCP and PPPoE to distribute internet to customers
Understanding what is the need of Network Address Translation (NAT) and why we need to use it
Many of you would like to start an ISP or possibly are working for an ISP to distribute internet service to customers. For this, it requires a lot of technical knowledge to be able to:

  • Reach the internet to the customer premises using technology such as DHCP or PPPoE
  • Assign each customer a bandwidth speed
  • Configure the ISP router to be able to divide the bandwidth per customer using VLAN's and QOS.
  • Sometimes, helping the customer to configure Queuing on his bandwidth to assign each user in his LAN an equal/unequal bandwidth.

For this, I have designed this course to explain in deep of all those topics. My lectures will be based on theory following practical LABs to show you how you can configure those things on the MikrotTik router. The LABs are based on step-by-step with a very friendly way so you can understand the contents in an easy way.
All LABs will be based on real MikroTik equipments and every LAB will be tested by end of each configuration to check if the goal is achieved the way we want.

During the course, I will explain in details and with LABS everything about DHCP, PPPoE, NAT, VLAN, QOS using PCQ queuing, Mangle using Prerouting/Postrouting and much more.

If you want to master all those topics, don't be late and register in my course and get started. 

Starting an ISP with MikroTik
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