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Fundraising From Scratch: A Complete Guide To Growing Income

A practical guide to boosting the fundraising and income of your non-profit, organization, charity, cause or crowdfunder
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Understanding the principles of fundraising: what works and what doesn't
Knowledge of Lifetime Value and Return on Investment
How to manage your Board, CEO, co-workers, staff and volunteers
Understanding of the different methods of fundraising available
Knowledge of how to maximise fundraising and crowdfunding from individuals and companies
Tips and tricks to use in on-line fundraising, including Kickstarter and GoFundMe
How to gather stories and convey them in a manner that motivates donors to give
Knowledge of the practicalities of fundraising, including donation processing and database management
How to manage your time
Develop fundraising strategies, plot supporter journeys and be confident of what to do next

Is your organization new to fundraising? Have you been relying on one source of income but would like to diversify? Are you a brand new fundraiser learning the ropes? Or are you experienced and simply want to broaden your skills and make sure you're not missing a trick? Want to boost the income of your non-profit, organization, charity, cause or crowdfunder?

This course is for you.

You'll learn step-by-step and systematically how to get your fundraising going and how to start growing your income. This course will teach you the principles of fundraising and everything you need to do to develop your fundraising strategy. This isn't about a document that will just sit on your shelf..this course is a practical guide and shares methods that you can put in to practice TODAY!

This course goes through all the different mediums of fundraising available to you, the methods and motivators, and breaks down what you need to know to make them work for you. We'll talk about cash collections, corporate fundraising, individual giving, donor care, Kickstarter and crowdfunding, grant applications, direct mail, e-mail, telephone fundraising, and much, much more.

Simon shares resources and guides to make your job easier, and brings years of experience and tried and tested methods to this course. He'll also talk about 'the first 100 days': what should your priorities be and how should you spend your valuable time.

Fundraising From Scratch: A Complete Guide To Growing Income
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