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Start your Steemit Journey the Right Way

Learn the Steemit decentralized social network
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To use Steemit properly and grow your audience on this decentralized social network.
Have the knowledge to reach success without frustration and know what to expect from this platform.

Steemit is a decentralized social network that reward people for blogging with a cryptocurrency. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter does not share the profits of the contents you provide for free.

It can be intimidating to begin your journey there but with my experience and wisdom you will start on the right path. It is not a rich quick scheme or a money-printing machine like many think. It is an opportunity to be part of the crypto revolution and receive cryptocurrency for something you are already doing. 

There is a variety of things you can do on the Steem blockchain.

Those are:

  • Write or read stories.

  • Share memes.

  • Produce a vlog or videos.

  • Curate content you find appealing.

  • Debate and learn from great minds.

On this course you are going to learn how to start your journey the proper way on Steemit and avoid mistakes.

You will learn the following elements:

  • Secure your Steemit account.

  • The basic operations of the platform.

  • Etiquette and behavior to follow.

  • The cryptocurrencies of Steemit and their purpose.

  • Send and interact with the cryptocurrencies of Steemit.

  • Tools to track your Steemit account.

  • Discover popular decentralized applications (DAPPS) on the Steem blockchain.

  • Discover SMT (Smart Media Tokens) projects.

  • What to expect and the reality of Steemit.

The content of this course is what I learned for being an active user and reading a lot of articles about the platform. It is one of the exciting projects I find appealing in the cryptosphere.

I hope you enroll in my course and learn a lot from it.


Start your Steemit Journey the Right Way
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