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Start Your Own Business with the 9-5 Dropout Academy

Everything You Need to Start a Business
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Go from zero idea and/or business knowledge to opening your doors. It's A-Z steps to open a business.
Find a business that matches your values and needs (freedom, financial, fulfillment).
Learn how to research the market to plan a successful business strategy.
Develop a financial plan and know how to start a business on any budget. Also, learn about various funding options.
Spy on competitors and develop easy strategies to beat your competition.
Develop an easy and effective marketing plan.
Learn how to easily set up your own website.
Get free and easy tools to bootstrap your business on a low-budget.
Come up with a perfect business name.
Know how to properly brand your business using the 4 P's of marketing.
Get ready to launch your business and find your initial customers.

"The best things in life are often waiting for you at the exit ramp of your comfort zone." 

~Karen Salmansohn

Fun Facts: 

  • 90% of workers worldwide are frustrated and NOT fulfilled by their jobs 

  • 85% of American workers are "emotionally disconnected" at work 

  • Over 70% of people are currently looking for a new job 

It is no wonder that 550,000 people decide to start their own business every month. Everyone wants a flexible schedule, freedom, fulfillment, greater income potential, and a chance to be really successful, but leaving the security of a 9-5 can be terrifying. 

Insert the loop of paralyzing thoughts.... ["I know nothing about business." "What if I fail?" "What if I lose everything?"  "It's just not worth the risks."]

If you realize you need more in your life and will never be satisfied wasting your years making someone else money, the 9-5 Dropout Academy is your first step to freedom. This detailed program takes you through every step of starting your business, from developing and validating your idea, to financial planning, to marketing, and finally launching your business.  

This is more than the average business course. 

You are given all material immediately and have lifetime access after initial enrollment so you can go at your own pace. You can complete this course in two weeks or two years. Everyone is different. Every business idea is special. This allows you to create a personalized plan that sets you up for success. 

Here is what you will know after this course:

1. What type of business fits perfectly with your goals, values, lifestyle, and budget.

2. How to create a successful business plan.

3. Little known strategies to create a business that is better than all of your competitors.

4. How much money (realistically) you will need to start.

5. How much money you can expect to make.

6. How to start a business on any budget.

7. Different ways to open a run and business that many do not tell you.

8. How to set up your business legally and with the IRS.

9. Simple and effective marketing plan.

10. Everything you will need to launch you business!

Start Your Own Business with the 9-5 Dropout Academy
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