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Start Using Wireshark to Hack like a Pro

Start your first capture, use Wireshark features to understand the data and analyze the network communication
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Get to know the key features of Wireshark
Recognize the essential components of network communication
Explore the different methods of setting up a packet capture
Analyze packets using the Wireshark tool
Analyze client to server communication with Wireshark
Examine network traffic and identify potentially malicious traffic
Examine the data within the network and how it shows up in Wireshark

This course will cover the process for conducting protocol analysis. This will serve as a foundation for the skill required for a number of different types of careers. Protocol analysis is the technique of analyzing what is or has taken place on a network. This is used by Security Operations Center analysts as well as network forensics investigators.

We will take static capture files that you will be provided and show you how to analyze them within the Wireshark tool. You will learn ways to quickly identify anything that is abnormal within a network packet capture. This will provide you with the initial skills for intrusion analysis, and also malware tracking and monitoring.

-The course prepares the student for understanding network protocol analysis -After the course you will have the initial skills for security or hacking classes 

- Anyone who wants to understand the foundation of security skills and have knowledge for analyzing network traffic as well as potential intrusions will benefit from this course. 

- This course is for beginners or people interested in learning about hacking and don't know where to start.

Start Using Wireshark to Hack like a Pro
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