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Start Using Mailchimp

Learn to Create and Market to Your Mailchimp Email List
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Mailchimp Account Set Up
Creating Mailchimp Landing Pages
Adding Subscribers
Sending Automated Emails

If you are looking to get started with email marketing, this course will get you started quickly and effectively.

If you are not currently using email marketing, get started today. There is a free version of Mailchimp if you have less than 2,000 subscribers. With this course watch step by step as we import contacts, use Zapier to automatically add contacts to MailChimp if these contacts took some action in a connected application, and create a landing page to collect contacts. Then after we have contacts to send emails to in our MailChimp account, learn how to set up automated sequences so you can have Mailchimp automatically send emails to these contacts.

Learn how to use tags and groups so you can organize your contacts. You can choose which tags or groups to send which emails to and even combine tags so you can tell MailChimp to send an email to everyone with one tag but not this other one.

By manually adding initial contacts who have agreed to receive emails from you, then automatically adding email subscribers, you can grow your list automatically. With this ever expanding list, you can automatically (or send a one time broadcast) email to them about your products and/or services to get them back to your website and your social media. By engaging your subscribers and building an audience, you can put your products and services in front of your audience more often.

Start Using Mailchimp
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