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Start Using Google Tag Manager

Without Having To Know How To Code
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Set up website tracking (Facebook Pixel, Google Pixel, Google Analytics) through Google Tag Manager
Add additional information to their Google Analytics by recording button clicks and people who stay a set amount of time or longer on their website

If you're paying money to drive traffic to your website, you'll want to know what these website visitors are doing on your website to know if your advertising is working.

Learn about Google Tag Manager and how to use it to manage all the JavaScript code you're given by Facebook, Google, and other websites across the internet to track visitors to your website from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and more.

Go beyond just adding code from these companies and customize how you are tracking visitors by using triggers and variables to trigger tracking code. Want to add custom facebook pixel events when someone clicks on a button? You can do that with Google Tag Manager.

In this course, learn how to create a Google Tag Manager account, how to use tags, triggers, and variables in Google Tag Manager to customize whether code should run on every page of your website or only certain pages on your website, and how to add Google Tag Manager code to your WordPress website or Clickfunnels landing page.

This course will get you up to speed quickly with Google Tag Manager so you can quickly add tracking code to your website and customize how you are triggering the tracking code you've added.

Start Using Google Tag Manager
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