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Start-up Masterclass 2018: 15 Business Courses in 1

This is a comprehensive course on popular start-up small businesses.
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Learn where to find your initial capital and how to prepare an effective business pitch to investors.
Learn the resources needed to start the business from facilities and equipment, manpower, and everything in between.
Perform a methodical market analysis and competitor analysis to understand consumers and the industry with more depth.
Create, develop, evaluate and improve your products and services.
Manage and track your finances and maintain high productivity and quality in the daily operations.
Market your business using potent principles and technique in marketing.


This is a comprehensive course on popular start-up businesses. It covers everything you need to know on how to put up and manage your own business, from finding your capital, doing preliminary research, to forming your team, acquiring the facility you need, running your business and marketing your product to the right costumers.  This course can transform an absolute beginner to a skilled entrepreneur.  This course is packed!


This course is very effective because it provides students potent concepts and methods that they can apply readily to real business situations.  The course is more practical than academic, plus it develops entrepreneurial skills and intelligence, not just dry knowledge.


  1. Online Store Business

    • The online store is one of the most attractive businesses to own in our digital age.  Put up one and leverage the advantage of the Internet. Learn everything you need to know about the business in this course.

  2. Coffee Shop Business

    • This is a comprehensive course that tackles everything you need to know about putting up and running your own coffee shop.

  3. Small Restaurant Business

    • The restaurant business never goes out of style.  This course will teach you all the essential skills and knowledge you need to start and run your own mini restaurant.

  4. Internet Cafe Business

    • The Internet café business arrived two decades ago and is here to stay for good.  Put up your own Internet café and be part of this brimming industry. You can learn everything you need about the business in this comprehensive course. 

  5. Bakeshop Business

    • Own the ultimate comfort-food business, the bakeshop.  This course tackles all the key points in starting and operating your own bakeshop business.

  6. Make up business

    • Turn your passion about makeup artistry into a thriving business.   Turn yourself into a one-person company, and earn money by doing your most beloved hobby.  Learn how to make this happen through this course. 

  7. Water Refilling Station 

    • Our need for water will never end, and so you’ll never go out of business with the water refilling station.  Learn how to put up and manage your own through this comprehensive course.

  8. Party Needs Business 

    • Party hard, do business harder.  Know everything you need to put up and manage your own party needs business through this comprehensive course. 

  9. Sizzling House Business (Popular in Asia)

    • The sizzling house is Asia’s own that has become a global thing as well. Know everything you need to know to put up and grow your own sizzling house in this comprehensive course

  10. Tapsilogan Business (Popular in Asia)

    • The tapsilogan is Southeast Asia’s ultimate breakfast eatery. Learn how to own one and make it a thriving business through this course

  11. Sari Sari Store (Popular in Asia)

    • One of the steadiest business industries in the whole world, the Philippine’s sari-sari store can be a good business idea for you. Know what it’s all about and how to manage one in this comprehensive course. 


  • Our organization has been a playground for innovation ever since its creation in January of 2015 with over 50,000+ students worldwide.

  • Our team is composed of passionate, competent, and happy educators, business experts and digital artists who enable us to produce high-quality courses.

  • Be part of our growing family of satisfied students and passionate educators.

  • Our courses are designed to be practical and engaging.

  • Our topics are comprehensive, covering everything you will need to be a successful entrepreneur in your chosen business.


  • Ability to acquire the needed capital for your business

  • Capacity to produce, evaluate and improve your product

  • Knowledge about the important personnel, facility, success factors, and budgeting needed for the business.

  • Skill on how to conduct basic market analysis, location analysis and competitor analysis.

  • Deep knowledge about managing and operating the business on a daily basis 

Start-up Masterclass 2018: 15 Business Courses in 1
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