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The complete SQL server tutorial for Beginners

Learn SQL server from scratch from an instructor with the most professional attitude towards your learning: join his 16 hours’ SQL server tutorial to get a solid foundation for your career.
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You'll learn SQL server basics from scratch
You'll be able to deploy your knowledge really profesionally
You'll get the essential understanding of SQL that will be useful in front-end, back-end development and other areas of programming

Hello, all the programmers out there who want to become SQL server developers! If you’re into learning things seriously, aiming for a professional level, then we should perfectly go along together in this SQL server tutorial. You’re going to learn SQL server basics on a very deep level so that you can later use your knowledge in a variety of fields, be it front-end, back-end development, or other areas of development. This SQL server tutorial is going to make a change in your career if you have a will to learn and a need to improve your skillset. Time is of the essence these days, so don’t waste any of it searching for some other courses, because you’ve already found an ultimate tutorial to start with! 

Why is it a good idea to complete an SQL server tutorial? 

SQL server training is basically a must for those quite a few people who want to build the front-end or back-end architecture of websites, apps, and many other projects. SQL is like an important ingredient that combines with many programming languages (front-end, back-end likewise) for many years already. Java or .NET + SQL for back-end purposes, and JavaScript or PHP + SQL in front-end jobs – these are widespread combinations that professional developers have on their toolbelts. So, my point here is that it’s crucial to learn SQL server not only when you’re focusing on database management, but also for many other applications. 

Other than that, of course, learning SQL will allow you to perform data mining with much higher efficiency. It’s also incredibly effective at data manipulation because it makes it possible for you to see the exact data and how it works. After completing an SQL server tutorial, you can also combine data in less time and manage large pools of data more efficiently. Lastly, SQL is old, but that doesn’t mean obsolete. It’s everywhere, and SQL programmers are in high demand! 

A glimpse into the course curriculum 

Your complete SQL server tutorial is designed to make your learning smooth and efficient, step by step, from SQL server basics to high-level SQL development. There are 21 labs prepared, and I will be leading you gently, so you don’t get lost in this very detailed tutorial. There will be 16 hours of input and practical tasks, so plan your time accordingly so you can reap the benefits with no delay. 

  • We’ll start with the correct set up of your environment that you’ll be able to get in place for free. I’ll show you what versions you need to choose to reflect your needs best to learn SQL server. I’ll be available to assist you in case you experience any troubles with installation. 
  • You’ll get used to creating entities such as databases, tables, rows, and columns. 
  • You’ll get a detailed understanding of different keys, referential integrity, and constraints. 
  • You’ll get a hands-on understanding of normalization and denormalization. 
  • There will be a detailed explanation of OLTP, OLAP, DML, DDL queries. 
  • Implementing Pivot and Unpivot in SQL server. 
  • And many – indeed many – other topics that are available for you to view even before you enroll in this SQL server tutorial. Just have a look at the outline of lessons in this description. 
What’s my goal with this SQL server training? 

My goal is to make you a real and professional SQL developer. I’ll do my best to solve the problems while teaching you, always offering more than a single option, and I’ll explain my decisions all along. I hope we’ll get along very well. Enroll in this SQL server tutorial and get a good starting position in your career!

The complete SQL server tutorial for Beginners
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