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How to Use & Set Up Microsoft SQL Server Database: SQL Server Training

Learn how to set up and use the common features of the SQL server in this MS SQL server training
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How to set up the MS SQL server database.
The basics to start using the MS SQL server.
The common features of MS SQL server such as authentication, drivers, file-management, and useful functions.

Microsoft SQL (MS SQL) server is a well-known relational database management system (RDBMS) for storing and retrieving data whenever necessary. It is very convenient to set up and administer an MS SQL server to improve performance and security at a low cost. 

This tutorial for SQL server training is the perfect place to start learning about setting up, installing Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, dealing with queries and tables, and mastering other common features. Additionally, my SQL server tutorial for beginners uses the MS SQL Server 2019, which I will help you set up and learn how to use SQL server without any hassle. 

The need to use smart data storage solutions

Ever since businesses have gone digital and online storage services became the next big thing, people have been looking for ways to make data easily reachable by authorized members. Additionally, they wanted to keep data safe from any unauthorized access, prevent data leakages and other similar incidents. 

This Microsoft SQL server training reveals the use of this relational database management system for managing and storing data. This system helps you perform various analytic operations and transactions. The increased security measures of the SQL server are also appreciated since companies can store sensitive information about their customers (credit card information, for instance). With SQL servers, you won’t have to fear that your users’ data will be stolen or accessed by unknown parties. 

After learning the main features of this system in my SQL server training, you will be able to permit computers in the same network to access the server and retrieve data. Furthermore, you can learn SQL server uses for the purpose of having a reliable backup system: never lose important files again! 

What’s waiting for you in this course? 

This SQL server tutorial is specially designed for beginners that have never used MS SQL servers. I will teach you how to use SQL servers and go through all of the steps of setting up your system. After explaining the setup process, I will turn to the basics that include the making of queries. Additionally, I will provide useful explanations on the command functions you can perform in the MS SQL server (insertion, retrieval, updates, and other general features of SQL). 

The SQL server training will go on to indicate the proper methods for accessing databases remotely. I will give you the tricks you need to keep your data safe and avoid unpleasant security issues. Let’s not forget the lessons on drivers for SQL server and the file management that you will be performing. I will thoroughly explain the concepts of filetable, filestream, and the process of creating stored procedures. Additionally, I will reveal the possible use of C# for inserting files.

Lastly, this Microsoft SQL server training will go over the various features of SQL server: importing and exporting data. I will explain the backup system as well. Therefore, if you are looking for a smart way of storing files, keeping them safe from unauthorized access, and working with scheduled tasks, you should definitely learn SQL server principles and other useful features of this system. So enroll in this course and start learning SQL server fundamentals!

How to Use & Set Up Microsoft SQL Server Database: SQL Server Training
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