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Spark Machine Learning for House Sale Price Prediction

Improve your professional potential with Spark machine learning: develop a house sale price prediction project in this Spark tutorial.
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You will implement Spark Machine Learning project for house price prediction
You will learn to launch an Apache Spark cluster
You'll practice processing data using a Machine Learning model (Spark ML Library)
You'll have a hands-on learning experience

Reserve a bit of your time to learn some real-world skills. If you’re a beginner Apache Spark engineer, machine learning engineer, or someone somehow dealing with Big data, it’s your chance to improve your skills and knowledge. We’re going to create a house sale price prediction project using Apache Spark machine learning libraries and Databricks platform. If you have machine learning, SQL, and Apache Spark basics – that’s great. Let’s waste no more time and work on improving your skill set!

What potential can Spark machine learning build within you?

The growing number of more diverse and more user-focused data products creates a high demand for machine learning specialists — the ones who can develop personalizations, recommendations, and make predictive insights. Data scientists can choose some great tools. But some of the traditional ones require more time for supporting the infrastructure than building the models to solve real problems. That’s because the volumes and variety of data gathered by organizations have been increasing non-stop.

This Spark tutorial will introduce you to a tool that is designed for simplicity, scalability, and easy integration with other tools. Using Spark ML libraries, you can solve data problems faster and handle a greater workload of distributed data engineering. Mastering the Apache Spark machine learning tool is desired in many different positions, such as data analyst, data scientist/engineer, AI scientist, database engineer, software engineer, and more. Experienced ones make and will continue to make solid incomes from that.

What are you going to learn in this Spark tutorial?

The end ‘product’ of your decision to enroll in this course will be implementing a Spark ML project for house price prediction. You’ll learn to use a machine learning model and generate some output in the form of a prediction.
To achieve the above goals, here’s what you’ll cover in the lessons:

  • How to prepare the data for processing;
  • How to use Databricks platform with Apache Spark machine learning;
  • What’s the basic flow of data in Apache Spark to work on a machine learning project;
  • How to use Databricks notebook on a free community edition server which allows executing Spark code free of charge;
  • How to define, train, test, and evaluate a machine learning model;
  • How to use linear progression – one of the predictive models, and more.

You’re going to do hands-on learning to implement a Spark ML project for house sale price prediction. I’ll explain all the necessary concepts and more, and you’ll have to do some work on your own.

Enroll now and start learning & practicing with Spark right away

To start this practical course, you don’t need any additional investments in your system. Make sure you’re using a fully functional non-beta version of one of the popular web browsers. There’s downloadable material available before you hit to play the first lecture. Join the course and leave with a tangible result to add to your profile. See you inside the Apache Spark machine learning course!

Spark Machine Learning for House Sale Price Prediction
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