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Use the potential of social media live streaming – grow your business!

Get professional tips from an expert of live video marketing and increase your user base and sales through social media live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Periscope!
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You'll learn how to reach thousands of users through social media live streaming
You'll understand how to take the most from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Periscope with your live videos
You'll know how to plan your live session which is irresistible and encouraging your customers to take action
You'll enjoy creating amazing and engaging videos!

Do you need a marketing solution that will help you reach thousands, if not millions, of potential clients in the whole world? So that you could generate more sales, more clients, and more brand awareness? Yes – this course on social media live streaming is created precisely to bring those opportunities to you! I’m going to share the best live streaming tips so that you take full advantage of social media video marketing and achieve your business goals. You don’t need any previous experience in social media marketing to join this course. So if you’re in marketing, a business owner or entrepreneur, or an aspiring influencer, hop on and learn how to make the most of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Periscope in growing your business presence!

Do you know the potential of social media live streaming?

Live streaming is now part of our culture when almost everyone uses it to reach a bigger audience online. Thanks to Facebook and Snapchat, in 2016, live streaming became a game-changer in social media marketing. According to Cisco’s estimates, by 2022, video content will account for 82% of all internet traffic! Marketers haven’t been lazy and spent over $90 billion on video content for spreading brand awareness in 2018. Of course, those figures will not stop rising.

The eye-catching video content improves your positions in the news feed algorithms of the biggest social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, or LinkedIn. Live streaming is easier than you may think – all you need to know is proper social media live streaming briefing, which you’re going to get in this course on live video marketing.

What are you going to learn in this tutorial?

By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools to achieve dominating success by creating amazing and engaging live video streamings on the most prominent social media sites. You’ll have the fantastic strategies to grow your business and reach huge numbers of people around the world. My goal is to give you real tools and real resources so you can take action: watch, learn and apply.

You’re going to have assignments to make sure you’re absorbing the input from this course and making the right steps to get the results you want. Here’s a quick overview of the main topics that we’re going to cover in learning about social media video marketing:

  • What equipment do you need? We’ll discuss the basic and advanced devices and software for producing appealing live videos.
  • How to plan irresistible live streaming? You’ll get amazing tips from my experience that have proven to work out great.
  • Live streaming on different platforms – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Periscope. You’ll get advice on creating your account, using live stream features, sharing/reusing your stream, etc.
  • How to use OBS broadcaster software to achieve the best results?
  • How to stream simultaneously on a few different platforms?
  • What other software is recommended for social media live streaming?

And many other live streaming tips!

Bonuses to get you to sign up right now!

As a bonus, when you enroll in this course now, you’ll have the opportunity to join my Facebook community, where I share my top strategies for live video marketing. In the group, you’ll get even more ideas for social media live streaming and also support from me and other community members. You’ll be able to participate in live Q&A’s, post questions if you need further guidance and more. So, let’s continue into the course!

Use the potential of social media live streaming – grow your business!
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