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Email Marketing like never before - Never known Automatic list sanitizer

Massively boost your Email Marketing Results with this Smart Workflow strategy no one is talking about - Expect Results!
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How to build a powerful strategy that filters out unwanted subscribers
How to maintain a list of exciting contacts
How to lower spam score
How to massively increase inbox deliverability

In this course, I reveal a unique secret method to create a list of super engaging subscribers who are always hungry to read your messages.

The course is NOT about:

  • How and where to place opt-in forms on your website
  • What kind of freebie that works
  • How to trick site visitors to sign up
  • Where to find free Email Service Providers (ESP)
  • How to create a massive list quick
  • How to drive traffic to your lead capture pages
  • Etc

This course is about something unique:

Watch over my over my shoulders as I create a powerful, automatic, never talked about workflow (Robot) that intelligently creates your list and fill it only with subscribers that will always open your campaigns.

All you  need to do is drive traffic and get readers to your sign up forms. The intelligent system knows who your real engagers are and who are your time waters.

Here is what you learn in the course

You will learn how to make sure only REAL People signup to your list.

Now, when real people signup to your list, how do you know those who will always open your campaigns and those who will never care?

Not everyone that submits a valid email address is your engager. Some of them are just freebie mongers. If you allow them on your list, they will hurt your marketing big time.

Here is why it's bad to have freebie mongers on your list:

  1. You pay the bills for nothing. Yes for every subscriber on your list, you are paying the bills.
  2. You get poor Open Rate. This sends bad signals to your ESP who will consequently think you are a spammer.
  3. Your overall marketing experience will gradually be damaged.

When a subscriber submits the signup form and confirms his email address by opening the Confirmation Email, the course teaches you step-by-step what to do next. 

This is where 99% of marketers commit a terrible error that ends up generating poor results. But this course teaches you how to correct the error at this point.

After this course and after implementing the strategy:

  1. Your open rate will move towards 100%
  2. Your Click Through Rate will massively move up
  3. Your Spam score will collapse 
  4. Your sender reputation will highly improve
  5. You will start getting more traffic from your list
  6. Your inbox deliverability will be boosted big time
  7. Etc

These are not exaggerated promisses. Take the course and confirm the strategy.

Does what I teach work for all Email Service Providers?

No matter your ESP, this strategy will work. All you need is the automation feature which is already being offerred by almost all top ESPs today.

Email Marketing like never before - Never known Automatic list sanitizer
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