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Lean Six Sigma Training: Improve Your Business Now!

Learn how to use Lean Six Sigma methodology to improve the efficiency and quality of your services and remove defects
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The meaning of the Lean Six Sigma approach
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All business owners are after quality, customer satisfaction, and efficiency. You might find many techniques for improving your business and achieving results faster. This Six Sigma training is a beginner-friendly course for people that have not heard of this data-driven approach. Why do I say data-driven? Well, both Lean and Six Sigma tools are focused on using data to make decisions rather than shooting in the dark. 

The Lean Six Sigma methodology encourages business owners or service providers to use data and data-analyzing tools for making their work environment more efficient and defect-free. However, Lean and Six Sigma are not the same: they refer to slightly different aspects of improvement. 

What is Lean?

It is important for every Six Sigma training to indicate the distinction between Lean and Six Sigma clearly. First of all, Lean is a systematic approach applied for speeding up the process of service delivery and preventing delays or unnecessary waste of resources. Therefore, by choosing to learn Lean Six Sigma, you will find out the approach Lean applies to produce perfect products that will satisfy customers. 

Additionally, the Lean approach has a sequence of principles:

  • Defining values from the customers’ point of view.
  • Mapping all the necessary activities to be taken. 
  • Establishing flow of services, information, or products from the beginning to the end.
  • Implement pull: no actions are taken until the customer expressed the need. 
  • Working on your projects until they are flawless. It is important to focus on value-adding activities that this approach supports and to avoid waste. 
What is Six Sigma? 

The Six Sigma training refers to an approach introduced by Motorola in the 1980s. Differently than Lean, Six Sigma methodology focuses on the quality and effectiveness of their services or products. Additionally, Six Sigma is referred to as the zero-defect approach that aims to reduce or eliminate defects. 

Since the Six Sigma training aims to help people or businesses provide stable and reliable processes, the approach is often called as striving for improvement. Of course, there is nothing wrong with companies to perfect their products to reach the highest levels of customer satisfaction. 

However, probably the biggest issue for the Six Sigma is the removal of defects. The approach uses a data-driven methodology for continuous quality improvement. 

Combining both approaches

When you follow the Lean Six Sigma methodology, you combine the notions from both Lean and Six Sigma for improving efficiency, quality, and waste elimination. The examples of waste are defects, non-utilized talent, and over-production. To use both of these approaches successfully, you need to use an array of tools that will let you follow the systematic strive to perfection. Therefore, starting the Lean Six Sigma training is an excellent option for taking your business to new heights. 

What will you find in this course? 

For beginners in the Six Sigma training, I begin by explaining the history and the advantages of choosing to learn Lean Six Sigma approach. Furthermore, I turn to examples that illustrate the use and meaning of this quality-driven methodology. 

I also go over the Six Sigma certifications that indicate the level of knowledge people have about the Lean Six Sigma. Similarly to judo, these certificates are labeled as belt colors. If you have a black belt, you have completed an extensive Lean Six Sigma training and have a professional understanding of the principles and application of the model. Join me in this course and learn more!

Lean Six Sigma Training: Improve Your Business Now!
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